How Udemo Works

Issues with Demos Today

Targeted Campaigns.
Which consumer group do we target first?

Limited Insights.
Who was the main audience?

Difficult to track ROI.
What is the return in revenue for a demo campaign?

Difficult to scale.
How can we scale this program to several regions at once and manage the process?

Hard to re-market.
How do we reach these consumers once they have tried our product?

How Udemo Works

Using Udemo we can solve all of these pain points for your brand.

We train our teams to effectively represent the virtues of your brand.

We execute, using our platform we recruit, manage and see project execution through to the end.

We analyze, you can transparently view data and the progress of your campaign.

We engineer, using the latest in mobile, web and distributed technology we have created an application that provides true data transparency.